Subscription and Club Constitution 



Membership can be as a single member, OR as a Family membership where there is more than one individual from a family unit subscribing to a membership.  Each member will pay an annual subscription due at the beginning of the season, or in the case of new members, one month after their first attendance.


Single membership shall be £35 a year, and a family membership shall be £30 each where there is more than one family member joining.  


£2 Gate money for each member at each meeting.



Adopted at Annual General Meeting 30th May 2017



1.1.The name of the Club shall be HERNE BAY PHOTOGRAPHIC CLUB (the Club) – formerly Herne Bay Camera Club.



2.1.The objectives of the Club shall be the promotion and advancement of photography in all its aspects. They shall be fulfilled by the holding of Club Meetings and other activities at which competitions, lectures, demonstration, exhibitions, outings and the like shall take place.

2.2.The Club shall be and remain affiliated to the Kent County Photographic Association (KCPA).



3.1.Membership shall be open to all adults who agree to further, support and uphold the Club’s good name, its Rules and objectives, regardless of their national or ethnic origin, marital or employment status, disability, class, sex, religious belief or sexual orientation. The Club is committed to promoting and achieving equal opportunities in all aspects of its work.

3.2.    Membership can be as a single member, OR as a Family membership where there is more     than individual from a family unit subscribing to a membership.  Each member will pay an annual subscription due at the beginning of the season, or in the case of new members, one month after their first attendance.

3.3.Each member who attends will pay a meeting fee every time the Club meets indoors.

3.4.The levels of the annual subscription and the meeting fee will be decided at the previous Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3.5.Any person wishing to join the Club after 31 January will pay a reduced annual subscription fee.

3.6.Subscriptions must be paid prior to members entering the Club’s competitions and exhibitions.

3.7.Membership may be terminated in the event of a member’s subscriptions falling three months in arrears, or of gross misconduct deemed by the Committee to be detrimental to the Club, or to any of its Members.

3.8.Any guest shall pay the current gate money price for a maximum of three visits, after which if they wish to continue attending the Club they must become a subscripted member.




4.1.The Club is a non-profit organisation and shall be managed by a committee comprising the Officers and up to two other members elected at the AGM to serve for a year.

4.2 The Officers of the Club shall comprise: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, these roles shall not be held at the same time by the same person and there shall be a minimum of three other Officers. The roles of Vice Chairman, Print Competitions Secretary, DPI Competitions Secretary, Programme Secretary and Publicity/Web Manager may be allocated to specific Officers or may be carried out on a shared basis; there is no requirement to elect members to these posts. The Officers shall be elected at the AGM and shall serve for a term of one year, at the end of which time they shall retire, but be eligible for re-election. Should an Officer retire during their term of office their place shall be taken by a member of the Committee until the next AGM or Emergency General Meeting (EGM)

4.3.Nominations for Officers and Committee members must reach the Secretary by the last Club meeting before the AGM.

4.4.The Secretary shall keep minutes of the proceedings of all meetings and conduct the general correspondence of the Club. The Programme Secretary shall conduct the correspondence concerned with the Annual Programme. The Treasurer shall manage the financial affairs of the Club. The two Competitions Secretaries shall supervise the internal and inter-club competition arrangements according to their individual posts.

4.5.The Chairman shall not hold the same office for more than three years consecutively, but may be re-elected after an interval of one year.

4.6.The Committee shall from time to time publish Rules governing competitions and such other matters as the Committee shall decide to facilitate the operation of the Club. The quorum for meetings of the Committee is five members.

4.7.The Committee shall have the power, pending the AGM or EGM to fill any committee vacancy that may occur and/or to co-opt members, and also in the event of a Committee member failing to attend three consecutive committee meetings, to co-opt member(s) to fill those position(s) pending the AGM or EGM, at the discretion of the Committee.

4.8.The Committee, by majority vote, shall also have the power to deal with unforeseen emergencies at their discretion without recourse to the members, to refuse or withdraw membership, to elect a past or present member of the Club as President and to bestow Life Membership upon any Club member.

4.9.A quorum of the Committee shall be four Committee members.

4.10.The Chairman or acting Chairman will only have a casting vote.

4.11.Any Committee member must give 7 days’ notice of their intended resignation and notify the whole membership.



5.1.The formal business of the Club shall be conducted at AGMs and EGMs.

5.2.The AGM shall be held towards the end of each Club season at which meeting the President shall take the chair and call upon the retiring Chairman to report on the principal matters which had arisen during his/her term of office. The audited accounts shall also be presented to the meeting. The meeting shall elect the Officers and remainder of the Committee and determine the subscriptions for the following year and consider any other matters raised in the Agenda for the AGM or under any other business. The quorum for an AGM shall be one third of the paid up members.

5.3.An EGM may be convened at any time by written request delivered to the Secretary and signed by not less than ten members or by a majority of the Committee. The EGM must be convened no earlier than 7 days and no later than 28 days from the date of the notice. The business transacted at that meeting shall be specified in the notice convening the meeting and such business as is specified shall be transacted at that meeting. The quorum for an EGM shall be one third of the paid up members.



6.1.The Club’s financial year shall fun from 1 April to 31 March, after which an Account shall be drawn up by the Treasurer and audited by a member appointed for this purpose at the AGM.

6.2.The Committee will be responsible for the financial control of the Club and approve all major expenses.

6.3.Two of the three designated signatories are required to sign the appropriate paperwork for any financial transaction.

6.4.The Club shall arrange General Liability insurance cover under the KCPA-sponsored scheme. The Club shall also take whatever other insurance cover is considered advisable to protect Club property under the KCPA-sponsored scheme.



7.1.Alterations to the Constitution shall not be made except by majority vote at an AGM or EGM and via a proposed motion handed to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM or EGM, together with the names of the proposer and seconder. The motion shall be embodied in the agenda.



8.1.All trophies, cups and shields, etc shall remain the property of the Club and shall be returned to the Club prior to each AGM for presentation to the competition winners that year.

8.2.Members shall not use equipment owned by the Club for personal use without prior consent from the Committee.

8.3.Any member authorised to borrow the Club’s equipment shall be liable for any loss or damage sustained.

8.4.The Club will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to members’ personal property, however caused.



9.1.There shall be no smoking within the Club Meeting Room at either Club Meetings, nor AGMs or EGMs, nor any enclosed space in which Members may meet.

9.2.The Club is required to maintain a record of all members’ names, postal addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.



10.1.In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, an agreed representative shall be appointed, with the responsibility of realising the Club’s total assets and liabilities. The representative shall then arrange that the remaining balance (if any) be transferred, via the KCPA, to a photographic group having similar aims as the Club.