2016-2017 May Meetings

2nd May 2017 - Print Portfolio competition

The finale of this Club's competitions is the Print and DPI Portfolios, and this week was the turn of the prints. Members had to provide four images taken from six categories: Landscape, Nature, Record, Reportage, Portrait, and Pictorial. Judge for the evening was Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB.


The format for the evening was for Glyn to critique and judge images, grouped into their categories. He took his time with each image, explaining what he liked about each one, and offering the occasion tip on how one could be improved.  Once the individual images had been critiqued and scored out of 20, they were all then put into the group portfolio for each member taking part. Glyn then looked at each group of four images, judging the skill and diversity within each set, again out of 20.


Glyn gave first place to Neal Williams with a score of 97 out of a possible 100: (Nature) “Bröstfallet Cascaded Falls, Northern Sweden” (19), (Pictorial) “Captain's Log” (20), (Landscape) “Thin Ice” (19), and (Portrait) “Mother and Daughter” (19), Portfolio (20).


There was a tie for second place on 94 points each:

• Eileen Wilkinson with: (Reportage) “Looking Right” (19), (Landscape) “Calm Sea” (17), (Pictorial) “Chocolate Vine” (20), (Nature) “Common Orb Weaver Spider” (18), Portfolio (20)

• Denise Smith with: (Nature) “Rhesus Macaque” (18), (Pictorial) “Looking to Heaven” (18), (Portrait) “A Hard Life, Lived” (19), and (Landscape) “Sunlight Cuts Through Dawn Mist” (20), Portfolio (18).

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2016-2017 DPI League 2016-2017 Print League 4 1 2 3

Winning Portfolio


(Nature) “Bröstfallet Cascaded Falls, Northern Sweden” (19)  

(Pictorial) “Captain's Log” (20)

(Landscape) “Thin Ice” (19)

(Portrait) “Mother and Daughter” (19)

9th May 2017 – Lecture by John Hedgeley: My Wicked Wanderings

Our last lecture for the season was from John Hedgeley. Titled “My Wicked Wanderings”, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, and whether we should warn members of possible adult content!


When asked the nature of his talk on arrival, John found the idea extremely amusing, as his photos were of unusual buildings and landmarks, taken during work time – hence the “wicked”. John’s photos were taken in various locations around Kent, but whilst they were interesting, the real gem of his lecture was the information he had gathered to explain them.


He said that if he saw something unusual he didn’t just photograph it, he would knock on doors and find out more about the subject and listen to stories that the people would tell. Then in addition, he would do research to find out the facts.

16th May 2017 - DPI Portfolio

The finale of club competitions is the Portfolio, and this week it was for digital images. Members had to provide four images taken from six categories: Landscape, Nature, Record, Reportage, Portrait, and Pictorial. Judge for the evening was Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS.


The format for the evening was for Paul to first critique and judge images within their individual categories. He took his time with each image, explaining what he liked about each one, and offering a few tips on how they could be improved. Once all the individual images had been critiqued and scored, Paul had an opportunity to view the set of four images from each member to judge the skill and range within each set.


When the scores were added up, there was a draw for first place, with Eileen Wilkinson and Denise Smith both on 93 points. The Club had agreed, after the same thing happening last year that the judge would make the final call in the event of a draw for first place, and Paul finally chose Eileen’s set.


So, first place went to Eileen with: (Landscape) Loch Duich (17); (Pictorial) Balancing Act (19); (Record) Eleven - O - One by Ray Lonsdale at Seaham (19), Co Durham; (Reportage) Walk on by (20); and Overall Portfolio (18).


Second place went to Denise with: (Landscape) The Break of Day (16); (Nature) Rose Pascali (19); (Record) Tiepolo’s Model by Philip Jackson (20); (Reportage) Untold Story (19); and Overall Portfolio (19).


Third place went to Steve Roberts with: (Landscape) Winter Afternoon in Derbyshire Dales (18); ([Pictorial) Going Down (16); (Portrait) Caroline Francess at The Rocking Chair (19); (Record) 1898 Gold Hunter Style Waltham Pocket Watch (20); and Overall Portfolio (18).

(REPORTAGE) WALK ON BY by Eileen  Wilkinson (PICTORIAL) BALANCING ACT by  Eileen Wilkinson (1) (RECORD} ELEVEN - O - ONE BY RAY  LONSDALE AT SEAHAM CO DURHAM by Eileen Wilkinson (LANDSCAPE) LOCH DUICH by Eileen  Wilkinson

Winning DPI Portfolio

Left to Right:

(Record)  Eleven-O-One by Ray Lonsdale at Seaham

(Reportage)  Walk On By

(Landscape)  Loch Duich

(Pictorial)  Balancing Act

23th May 2017 – Members’ evening

Di Long LRPS CPAGB  and Eileen Wilkinson LRPS CPAGB gave a talk explaining the Royal Photographic Society and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain requirements to gain a distinction with either organisation. Both ladies displayed their successful LRPS panels and CPAGB images along with some images that did not make the required standard. The talk also included a discussion about entering photographic salons to gain both National and Global distinctions.


After the break, members’ prints were displayed so that images could be selected for the Club’s Annual Exhibition, which will be in September. The evening was rounded off with a quick demonstration of how to cut a mount. This will undoubtedly be something that is repeated come the new season.

30th May 2017 – AGM, followed by Members’ Print of the Year and Trophies

Herne Bay Photographic Club closed on 30th May with its AGM. A new Committee was voted in, consisting of: Steve Roberts (Chairman); Peter Riley (Treasurer); Denise Smith (Secretary); and Committee Members Becca Austin, Clare Edmonds, Ian Priston, Jane White and Eileen Wilkinson, whose roles will be allocated at the first committee meeting.


After the formal business of the evening, and nibbles at the break, the evening took on more of an ‘end-of-term’ atmosphere. Members took the time to chat about the way the scoring system works for League Competitions, and how it could be improved.


Members had the opportunity to choose their favourite Print of the Year from images brought in. After two rounds of voting, the winner was Aliy Fowler with her superb image, “Outflow”. This photograph will now feature on the back of next season’s membership cards.


The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the trophies to winners of competitions throughout the season. They were: Summer Trophy (Print): Eileen Wilkinson LRPS CPAGB; Summer Trophy (Digital) Clare Edmonds; Panel Competition: Clare Edmonds; Print League: Clare Edmonds; Digital League: Denise Smith; Print Portfolio: Neal Williams; and Digital Portfolio: Eileen Wilkinson LRPS CPAGB.


The Club will continue through the summer with informal fortnightly meet ups in various nearby locations, including Seasalter, Ramsgate and Faversham. If you are interested in joining us for any these events, contact Denise Smith, Club Secretary: Email denise@dspublishingservices.co.uk, Tel: 07867 665554. The Club starts again on Tuesday 5th September.

1 Summer Trophy Print 2 Summer Trophy DPI 3 Panel 4 Print League 5 DPI League 6 Print Portfolio 7 DPI Portfolio 8 Print of the Year


(Presented by Club Chairman Steve Roberts)



Eileen Wilkinson LRPS CPAGB - Summer Trophy (Print)

Clare Edmonds - Summer Trophy (Digital)

Clare Edmonds - Panel

Clare Edmonds - Print League



Denise Smith - DPI League

Eileen Wilkinson LRPS CPAGB - Digital Portfolio

Neal Williams - Print Portfolio

Aliy Fowler - Members' Choice Print of the Year